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Making Circuits at Hands-On Books Today


  You know we love hands-on science around here – especially electricity and magnetism. {Did you get your copy of the new eBook?} Well, in the years I’ve been writing about hands-on science for kids and teachers, I’ve had the chance to meet some fabulous authors. Three of them, Mary Kay Carson, Kerrie Logan Hollihan, […]

Learning Fun at the Great Lakes Science Center


      I’m thrilled to be sharing about The Great Lakes Science Center during Museum Week over at The Homeschool Scientist. We really enjoy science and nature, but my kids are 10, 5, 3, and 4 months so it makes it a challenge to find places to take them where everyone in the family […]

Impromptu Geology Lesson


  Sometimes the best lessons are the ones that were never planned. Our most recent surprise lesson was the study of crystals found in Grandma’s backyard. I try to get the kids outside everyday to play and enjoy nature. This can be a challenge for the boy who doesn’t like to be told what to […]