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Let’s Talk About Your Gifted Kids’ Learning Styles


Welcome to a new 10-day series sponsored by Prufrock Press and iHomeschool Network. 40 bloggers, more than 350 posts, and some great giveaways {including my newest book!} in the “Pin to Win” contest, all over the course of two weeks. So far, I’ve talked about the definition of giftedness and what twice-exceptional means. I’ve also […]

Summer’s Here!


    It finally feels like summer here in Northeast Ohio, though it seems like we just skipped over spring. From chilly days and nights straight into 89 degrees with humidity… whew! The sprinkler and baby pool are out, the gardens are sprouting, and the kids are falling in bed at night exhausted after running […]

The Story of My Life… 10 Things We’ve Been Up To


  If you’ve followed for awhile, and you’re still here – thank you. It’s been a little hit or miss around RLL over the past few months. I wish I could blame it all on baby-brain, but the truth is life’s been a bit overwhelming. I’m still clawing my way out, and hope to get […]