Science-y Week Recap

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What a week! I am so sorry that I left you all wondering where I went after the fabulous giveaway post last week. Before I go on, though, have you entered? There is still a little time. The giveaway will end at 11:59 on Tuesday. Remember, ETAHand2Mind is giving one of you your own Home Team Advantage Math Kit of your own! You don’t want to miss that prize.

While we’ve been slacking with the onset of summer and getting ready for our trip, we’ve still managed to talk and play with science a bit. It is, after all, our favorite game to play. Here’s a taste of what we did this past week.

Originally {and because I’m the mom that tends to over-estimate my ability to get things accomplished} I’d planned to take the kids through a nature study I bought from my friend Cindy West, author of the NaturExplorers eBooks and Homeschooling Gifted and Advanced Learners. We’ve raised frogs and toads each year from eggs we scoop from our backyard pond, but have never really talked in-depth about the amazing miracle that is metamorphosis. Really bad planning…




As we have a three and a half week vacation looming, our fabulous and thriving ten-gallon tank of tadpoles were not developing fast enough. We struggled last week {with a few tears} about putting them back into the pond knowing that they’d be long gone by the time we returned. And then I thought of a good friend, a super-duper activity-loving family that I just knew would be our hope of sharing this with some kids {and hopefully – hint, hint – getting some pictures of the tadpoles development for my kids}. On Friday we happily said good-bye to our tank, knowing it will be in good hands with some little friends down the road. Thanks Eric!

So, the frog and toad nature study is shelved until later, and we’ll be doing some informal and super fun explorations of the California coastline in a few days.

After some iffy weather all day, we were able to see the transit of Venus last week. I tweeted a few pictures, but share them here, too.


Venus Transit


Unfortunately, since we were unable to accurately tell if the clouds and rain would break, we chose to forgo the lake-front program. Instead, we chose to hook up with some friends in a nearby town, and it worked out really well. The kids played for a bit, we left for a bit and tried out a super-yummy just-opened frozen yogurt shop, and pulled back into the parking lot 15 minutes before sunset as the sun burst from behind the clouds.

The astronomy club members were frantic to catch the transit, and so excited to share with everyone there. We saw it in its amazing glory through a telescope with special filters, projected onto a screen from another telescope, and tried {unsuccessfully} to see it through special sun-viewing glasses.

All in all, while not a hugely productive week, it was fun, and the kids learned a lot. Now… onto vacation!