Our Homeschool Day

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Our Day


I love schedules. I look forward to opening a new planner, coming up with a plan, and starting it out… unfortunately, I’m not as in love with the follow-through. Consequently, I’m always starting a new plan. This year’s plan is much like last year’s, and works for us well {most days}, but is likely to change a few times this year.

As I’m in the middle of various changes, including full-on homeschooling two kids, keeping a three-year-old tornado busy and out of trouble, while nurturing our fourth little-one-to-be, and learning the fine art of organizing in a teeny-tiny space, the following is the schedule I try for. With the aforementioned distractions blessings, our actual days can very well end up looking very different than the plan.

Keep in mind, too, that this schedule is the one we shoot for on our at-home days. As any homeschooler can tell you, especially one with active kiddos like mine, there are many days when much of this takes place in the car or is switched up because of co-ops or outside classes. Here’s what we strive for, though:



I attempt to get out of bed and shower so I can grab a cup of coffee and my quiet time before the troops descend. Brian leaves around 7:15, and lately {due to the little one I’m nurturing who still makes his/her presence very known with intense nausea in this, my 20th week of, pregnancy} I am smiling my cheerful grunting goodbye from under the covers as he lovingly places a thermal travel mug of coffee on my nightstand.



The morning chaos begins as all three have poked and prodded each other awake and have plotted about who will beg grouchy, overtired me for an episode or two of Phineas and Ferb before we start our day. As I’ve been worn down over the years, and I really am not a morning person, I usually relent with the condition that they finish their morning chores {getting dressed, making their beds, cleaning their floors, and brushing their teeth} before it is turned on.



We eat breakfast together and plan, talk, and pray about our day. When everyone is finished eating, and has cleaned up their breakfast dishes, they complete their morning chores and Molly and Trevor play together for a bit. I usually spend time with Logan. We read, play with her toys, or just snuggle up on the couch and tickle each other.



We start our together work with Bible study, hot cocoa, and a snack. The deal is, if they are at the table, with their supplies ready, by 10:00 and all of their chores are finished, they get hot cocoa with their snack. If they’re late, or don’t fulfill their responsibilities, they enjoy ice water with their snack. It’s bribery an incentive we all look forward to. Logan joins us for this and “draws” in her own Bible study notebook.

After Bible study we work on History, Science, Nature Studies, or another all together activity. Usually by this time, Logan has had enough table time and is off to play with any tot trays or other activities I’ve set out for her. She tends to end up on the couch with her Tag Jr. surrounded by books.



The kids are usually starving by this time {because, you know, I haven’t already fed them twice this morning}, and are clamoring for lunch. Once they eat and straighten up, Molly and Trevor have free time to play. Most days they go outside or into the playroom, but sometimes they hang out in what will be Trevor’s room {now it’s a dusty attic} and build elaborate creations out of Legos. I take some quiet time with Logan, cuddling {she has some sensory issues we’re in the process of officially diagnosing, and needs lots of touch and contact} and reading on an old Lazy-Boy recliner in her room. She usually drifts off to sleep in my arms and I put her in her bed. Some days I stay in their for a bit and nap rest myself, others I catch up on some writing obligations.



Trevor and Molly work through the independent subjects found in their workboxes. Trevor handles much of his on his own, with me sitting beside him, while Molly still needs more help on things. I read with them, answer questions, do mini lessons, and enjoy watching them learn.



This is kind of a catch-all and catch-up time. If there’s something we didn’t get to or finish, it ends up here. We also do art projects, crafty-things, experiments, and play. This is the messy-crazy time of the day where we do whatever strikes our fancy. Sometimes that’s more “school” because the kids are into something and want me to do another lesson or experiment with them, sometimes it’s a hike or walk, sometimes it’s splashing in the little pool in the yard with the neighbors. It’s unstructured, unplanned, organic, and always fun.



Dinner time! We eat together as a family about 6 days a week, and cherish this time together. After we’ve eaten and cleaned the kitchen, the kids are free to play with the neighbors and each other or pursue an interest they’ve decided upon. We’re usually heading the girls toward the bath around 7:30 so they can be in bed by 8:00, and Trevor hits the shower around 8:00. After his shower, Trevor talks to Daddy or reads with Mommy depending on what’s going on. He’s usually in bed around 9:00.


Hopefully I can keep this going for the school year, knowing that there will have to be some adjustments in January as we add our new little one. Hmmm… maybe we’ll do an updated post then.

What about you? How do you organize your homeschool day? Share a link in the comments, offer me any suggestions {Lord knows I can always stand to improve!}, or check out the final link-up over at iHn.

Whatever you do with your days, I hope this is your best year yet.