Keeping Things Real

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Keeping It Real


First a long and crazy vacation, then I decide it’s time to reorganize the schoolroom – before unpacking all of the suitcases {there’s one full of toys just to the left of that spotted canvas box up there}. I’m officially going crazy!

This post is just a reminder for all of you who have written me asking how I do it all: I don’t!

Just like you, I leave something undone each and every day. In fact, I have to make a choice – what won’t I get to today? Tonight it’s that colossal mess you see in the picture. Yesterday it was the pile of dishes in the sink. There is just never enough time in a day to get everything done, and still love on my kids.

And, as my family is, and will always be, my first priority, something will be left undone each and everyday.

I have to admit that this used to cause me a great deal of anxiety and I went to bed feeling like a failure many nights. Truthfully, I still feel like I’m failing sometimes. Don’t we all?

My friend Stef describes this so much better than I can, and adds in some very compelling and important Scripture to remind us to guard against discouragement, so I’ll just send you here for more about this.

This week I plan to:

  • Organize all of my learning materials {being a former school teacher & preparing to school 4th, K/1st, and Tot school, it’s a TON of stuff} in labeled bins.
  • Plan which materials I will use {at least initially} with each of my kids.
  • Sit down as a family and create our “Family Standard” along with a list of “Family Fun” activities.
  • Purge clothes and material goods {long overdue} and get a collection ready to donate.
  • Help Brian with some renovation work on one of our rental homes, while encouraging Trevor to keep working alongside Dad as he’s been doing every day this week.
  • Play with each of my kids everyday. Because I don’t remember to do this when I get caught up in the ‘have-to-dos.” And I need to.

Will you hold me accountable? Let’s be real together.