Happy Birthday, Sweet Molly!

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July 23, 2007… our sweet little miracle joined our family after a long few years of lost pregnancies, chemotherapy, and health complications. There were so many times in the five years before Molly’s birth that we thought we would be unable to grow our family. Throughout it all, we trusted that God had a plan for us, and that it was perfect.


And she was…

Newborn Molly

Baby Molly


For five amazing years, she has blessed us with her sweet nature, intelligence, curiosity, and loving heart.


One Year Molly


Three Year Molly


If you are lucky enough to meet her, you’ll be charmed right away. She has an incredibly disarming way about her that makes anyone – even the most reserved – fall for her immediately.

Molly is a special girl.

She loves her dolls, light sabers {what can I say, she has a big brother}, La La Loopsy toys, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, and discovering new things.

In our family, five is a special birthday. Two rights-of-passage occur that our kids look forward to, and that Molly has been talking about for weeks. Five-year-old Kessler kids get to have pop {soda} and gum for the first time. They look forward to opening and sharing their two-liter bottles and bubble gum.

It’s amazing how something that started as a way to put off giving our first-born sugary stuff when he was a preschooler has turned into something that each child looks forward to so much that our littlest is already talking about. It really is the little things that build family unity and brighten a child’s life.

So this morning, before she even begins her breakfast, Molly will break open her root beer and bubble gum and savor the joy of being five. How exciting!


Four Molly

Sweet Molly

Cutie Pie


We are so blessed to have you in our family, Molly. God knew that you were worth waiting for, and we are so glad that we trusted in Him, growing our faith and family ideals. You are perfect for us, and we all love watching you discover new things each and every day. This will be your best year yet!




Happy FIFTH birthday, Molly! Enjoy your day, and all your special treats.