Grapevine Old Testament Bible Study Review

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Let me just get this out of the way…

We LOVE Grapevine Bible Studies!



This year, our focus is faith and family, and we’re bringing it all together at the start of each day, beginning with hot chocolate, some snack cookies, and Grapevine Studies.

I was so blessed to meet Dianna Wiebe at the Titus 2:1 Conference last April, and even more blessed by her generosity when I stopped between sessions to chat with her about the studies and inquire as to her thoughts about appropriate levels for my unique kiddos. I’d heard wonderful things about the program, was impressed with her and her mission for the company, and planned to buy the Old Testament Overview myself when Dianna offered to give both levels one and two to me in exchange for my thoughts on using the program with gifted kids.


Hot chocolate


An Overview of Grapevine Studies

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the program, Grapevine Studies has a tagline that says it all, “Stick Figuring Through the Bible.” The studies are broken down and simple to understand, and the act of “stick figuring” them gives children a tangible connection to the Word. Whenever I draw a purple triangle now, my kids ask if we’re learning about God. {This is the symbol for God in the study.}

With this study, we start with a timeline from Creation to Jacob. The Old Testament Overview Part One covers this time period in twelve lessons with the first being the timeline overview itself. My kids created a timeline {and I did it along with them on the whiteboard} in their notebooks. We’re now working our way through each of the event or people on the timeline in more depth, stick figuring as we go.

I actually just discovered that Grapevine Studies offers a timeline we can post on our wall, and plan to purchase that as soon as I can. I think it would be a wonderful decoration in our new teeny tiny kitchen to remind us {several times} daily what we’re studying in the Bible.




Using the Study With Different Ages

One of the initial worries I expressed to Dianna was the age difference between my two oldest kids. Trevor will be ten soon and Molly just turned five. That being said, Molly is exceptionally bright and has participated in group lessons like history, Bible, science, and art for the past two years with Trevor. However, fine-motor-wise, she’s still five. Writing is a challenge, and she gets frustrated when her artwork doesn’t look on paper like it does in her head.

Working with Trevor presents a different set of challenges. While Molly wants to write and is frustrated when her hands and head can’t reconcile, Trevor loathes writing. He I thought that bringing these two together into a cohesive study would be impossible.

It’s not. In fact it’s been a blast.

Molly uses the printable student worktext from Level One and Trevor uses Level Two. {I opted to try the eBook versions of Levels One & Two to save space in the teeny tiny house, so I print what I need to for the kids’ Bible Study binders, and use the computer to read through the teacher text. It works for us.}

Levels One and Two are exactly the same in scope and sequence. They cover the same material in exactly the same wording, so essentially the kids are doing the exact same study. Molly’s worktext offers her more space in which to draw her stick figures. This extra space gives her confidence as her fine-motor skills aren’t completely up to drawing in the smaller boxes Trevor uses. I think she’ll be ready to use Level Two along with Trevor when we’re ready to move into The Old Testament Overview Part Two.




Grapevine Studies With Gifted Kids

Personally, I think Grapevine Studies are a perfect fit for gifted kids. Conceptually, they’re pretty simple to understand – my kids listen to me read passages from the Bible {or Trevor reads them to us}, and we talk about them, a passage at a time. Then, I draw on the board while Trevor and Molly draw in their notebooks. Finally, we talk about the questions that follow each lesson as the kids draw something to remember from what we just studied. Easy-peasy.

Nothing stays simple for long with gifted kiddos, though, and that’s one of the things I loved about teaching them, and enjoy about living with them. If they’re engaged in what they’re learning, gifted kids will find ways to learn more.

Grapevine Studies engages my gifted kids, and makes it so easy for them to expand their own learning.

Sometimes they choose to:

  • draw a more detailed picture in their notebooks by adding things like clouds to the rainbow or a background for Jacob.
  • read more of the chapter we just talked about in the Bible we share.
  • read a different translation of the same lesson in a different Bible {we have many – our Catholic Family Bible, Catholic Children’s Bible, Veggie Tales Bible, NLT, NIV, ESV, and The Message} and compare the passages.
  • act out the passage. {They do this with many of their lessons, and it’s one of the things I love best about homeschooling. If Trevor had continued his path in public school, I have no doubt that he’d be jaded towards imaginative play with his younger sisters. Now, he regularly initiates dramatic play with them, and I find scenes from history and Biblical times as often as I find scenes from Star Wars and Harry Potter being played out in my backyard and living room.}
  • ask to do more – which is what happens most often. When something captures my kids’ imaginations and interests, they want more. I find this happens often with Bible study now that we’ve begun adding Grapevine Studies into the mix.




Buying {and Winning!} Grapevine Studies

Are you as interested in learning more about this fabulous Bible study curriculum as I was when I heard about it? Read more about the study we are doing or any of the other studies at I chose to start with The Old Testament Overview Part One because, well, I’m a little OCD when it comes to working through programs. I’m working on that part of my personality, but I just couldn’t start in the middle of the Bible with a new-to-me-curriculum. Maybe I’ll venture out of my comfort zone and try teaching The Birth of Jesus during Advent.


In the meantime, would YOU be interested in trying out your own copy of The Old Testament Overview Part One in the level of your choice? Dianna has blessed me with not only my own copy to use with my kiddos, but another to spread the blessing of her family’s work. Simply enter in the Rafflecopter widget below. If you win, you’ll choose The Old Testament Overview level most appropriate for your own kids and get an e-copy of the teacher text and student book.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you. If you use Grapevine Studies, or decide to try one out after learning about it, I hope you’ll come back and share with me via comments, tweets, or on Facebook your experiences. I want to know if your kids are like mine, and start asking to do Bible study – every day!

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Here’s the official stuff: I received an e-copy of the teacher & student texts for both levels one and two in exchange for my honest opinion. But, know this: I wanted to try this curriculum because I’d long heard how wonderful it was, and planned to buy it anyway. My opinions were not swayed by the gift of curriculum, and my kiddos are begging for more Grapevine Studies, so I have no doubt that we’ll be long-time customers from here on out. Trevor and Molly both agree that your kids will love it too.