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Free Resource Week: Final Giveaway: The Book!

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Free Resources for Elementary Teachers Free Week

Happy Friday! We’ve reached the end of this fun week… Did you get all of your entries in? There’s still time – the Rafflecopter widgets will close this weekend and I’ll announce winners on Monday!
Remember, too, that you can enter each giveaway by re-tweeting them once each day.
Today’s giveaway is the whole reason for this celebratory week… an autographed copy of my new book:

You’ve heard about it all week, and on Free Resource Friday for the last few months, so you know the book is a jam-packed collection of free stuff you can get to help you teach your kids – in the classroom or at home. But… I always like to know a bit of the story behind the story, though, don’t you?

This book was at turns tons of FUN, and tons of FRUSTRATION to pull together. It’s the product of almost two years of work, and actually started as two smaller books.

Really… I started by writing a “free resources” book for math and another for reading. Late in the game, we decided to pull the resources together into a comprehensive book for elementary teachers with both the math and reading resources, and then additional ones to help them cover all the other subjects.

I’m so glad we did! I think the book is so much stronger than it would have been as divided volumes, and makes for a fantastic resource that would be beneficial on any teacher’s or homeschooler’s shelf.

It’s beautiful, laid-out in such an easy-to-navigate way, and very user-friendly.

The crazy thing about putting together a book like this is that it really can’t ever be finished. Now… most of my writer-friends will agree that same thing can be said about every project they’ve ever worked on. There’s always room for another revision, another draft, a better word choice, etc. With a book like this, that attempts to pull together the best of the best free stuff available, a writer has to force herself to just. stop. researching. and. write. and. click. send. eventually… Every time I opened the Internet again to check and recheck the links in the book, I’d find a new great one that HAD to be included.

I also was very purposeful as I chose and vetted resources for inclusion in the book. When I first began my writing career, I was teaching in the classroom, and my sole focus was writing great books that teachers could use to make their lessons more engaging and full for their students. As I came home to teach my own, I realized how important it was for ALL teachers to have access to great resources… and my focus shifted.

It is important that what I write is something that classroom teachers AND homeschoolers will find useful, so when I found something great I had my husband (who teaches first grade) check it out, floated it by some friends who taught or still teach, and I tried it out with my own kids at home.

And when I began homeschooling… I floundered a little making the transition from teaching a group of kids {all the same age} and teaching my own three, so I turned to the Internet myself for encouragement, support, and methods for organizing and scheduling my days. The blogs I found {and keep finding} offered so much that I realized the book wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some of them. So we added a chapter with teacher blogs and another with homeschooling blogs.

All in all, I think this is one of the best books I’ve written, and I’m so excited to be able to share it with you. For my teacher friends reading this blog – send your colleagues over for a chance to win {or share the free shipping code KESSLER with them so they can order it at prufrock.com}. For my homeschooling friends – share this resource with your co-ops and groups. Let them know they can buy it through the blog or
on the Prufrock Press site.

Finally, before I let you enter, I want to thank you all for your prayers. Molly’s surgery went really well. She, as always, charmed all who met her, giggled and danced up until she went under, slept for an hour in recovery, came out of it with bright pink cheeks and ready for her first popsicle. She’s been such a trooper since, even when her throat hurt. She’s such a sweetheart…

Molly and Me before surgery

Molly After Surgery

Thank you again for all of your support… and GOOD LUCK on the giveaway! I can’t wait for someone to win my new book!

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