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Day Five Delayed for Sick Kiddos…

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If you’ve been joining me this week – I really appreciate all of your tweets, shares, and comments. I’m a little behind in responding, but rest assured I value each of you, whether it’s your first visit or you’re a regular. I will respond to every comment.

All three of the kids have been sick this week, and the girls are keeping me and each other up with their coughing. I still think that Molly and Trevor are battling colds {and winning, slowly}, but Logan’s cough seems to have migrated to her chest, so we’re heading to get her checked out sometime tomorrow.

Today’s post {Friday, day five} is about asynchronous developmentwhen kids learn different subjects at different speedsand is an important one to me. I’d planned a bit more research and polishing over the course of the week before posting it, and just didn’t feel it was ready with the little bit of time I had to spend on it with sick kids. I want you to have quality information and content. Not something slapped together to meet a timeline.

I’ll have it up for you by this evening, and will tweet and post on Facebook when it’s ready. If you’re an email subscriber, you should get it in your inbox tomorrow morning.

Thank you again for supporting this series, and my place on the web. If you have a moment, pray that the kids have simple change-of-seasons colds, and that everyone will be on the mend soon.

See you this evening,