Back to School Science Basket



As we’re busy getting ready to kick off the 2013-2014 school year here at the Kessler house, we took a bit of time to gather a few of our favorite science resources to help you kick off your year.


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It’s no secret that we love science around here. Science encompasses so much of the world around us. There’s physical science like electricity, force & motion, and sound. There’s life science where we can study the animals and plants in our world. There’s earth science and the opportunity to discover our place in the solar system.

Sometimes the start of the year can be overwhelming as a homeschooler. You’re busy wondering {and worrying}:

  • Did I get it right?
  • Am I messing up my kids?
  • Will they be challenged enough?
  • Can I really do this?

Relax… take some time to reflect on why you’re homeschooling in the first place. Everyone has a different reason, and they’re all as valuable as another’s.

While you reflect and ease back into your school year, I hope you can use the items in this basket to buy you a little planning time, ease a subject or two by providing you with resources ready to go, or just give you a fun afternoon or two to spend with your kids learning and exploring together. Inside this basket you’ll find:

  • Hands-On Ecology by Colleen Kessler {that’s me!} one of my all-time favorite Prufrock Press projects. The book was written for classroom teachers in grades 2-4, but can easily be adapted for homeschoolers of all ages to provide a completely hands-on until study about ecology.
  • Three file folder games to pull out for subject reinforcement or a fun learning activity. Insects, space, and plan & animal cells are covered for grades 4-6 {roughly}.
  • $5 eGiftcard to Currclick – my all-time favorite curriculum provider. We tend to center our studies on the kids interests, and you’ll often find me perusing Currclick’s site to find a lapbook or unit study on a topic my kids want to know more about. Recently we downloaded a Washington D.C. lapbook to complete before our trip to D.C. It was a wonderful study – and only $2.50!
  • Science Fair Success Guide by Patricia Janes – a great book about putting together a cohesive and successful science fair project.
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy Storms and Atmosphere DVD. We love Bill Nye the Science Guy. This DVD was a favorite of students when I taught and my own kids. It’s in great shape and we’re passing it along to you for your kids to enjoy.
  • Bugs fan book for bug fact fun. Your kids will enjoy fanning this book out to learn about the different bugs featured. Which ones will you find in your neighborhood?
  • One of our favorite sensory science items is instant snow. Add a little water and the polymer expands to form fluffy, white snow to play with. We’ve included a vial of this fun stuff for you and your kids to play with.

I hope you are able to relax and enjoy your planning time as summer heats up and then winds down. In fact, if you’re still undecided or need a push on some of your curriculum ideas, Currclick is having an Open House to learn about their fall live class offerings next week. Take a few minutes to RSVP, enter to win the basket {and the eGiftcard to Currclick} below, and get ready to turn some of the learning over to the wonderful teachers Currclick has to offer.

The most important thing is to remember that homeschooling offers you the opportunity to be constantly present for your kids. Take this time to build memories. Science fun is great to bridge sibling age gaps, and encourage a love of learning in all members of the family.

Tell me… what is your favorite way to encourage a love of learning in your kids?

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