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Parenting is tough work – and raising your smart, intense, crazy-energetic kiddos to be the world’s next movers, shakers, and doers… well, that can be exhausting. I’m in those same trenches, right there with you, and I’m here to remind you that you’re doing an amazing job. Come alongside me, and we’ll do this together.

Here you’ll find resources to help you be the best parent you can be. Make sure you check out my books to see what’s new in hands-on learning and play. From Raising Creative Kids to Real-Life Science Mysteries, I’m working on something to keep you learning and exploring alongside your children. Need support as you parent or homeschool your gifted child? There are resources to help you there, too.

Being a parent is a gift, and you are the perfect one for your kids. Believe in yourself… I’ll help you. Hand in hand, we’ll raise our children to be lifelong learners…exploring, discovering, and creating with them along the way.

Recent Articles

Upcycled DIY Finger Puppets that are inexpensive and easy for kids to make themselves

Raising Creative Kids | Upcycled Finger Puppets

When children are encouraged to think creatively with recyclables, they think mathematically and scientifically, as well. Kids use the scientific method as they explore the materials to find new uses for them. They employ fine and gross motor planning, problem solving, and communication skills when … [Read More...]

Being a STEAM Smart Girl is Cool #StreamTeam #ProjectMC2 #STEAM #SmartIsTheNewCool

Being A STEAM Smart Girl is Cool

I love getting girls excited about math and science, and am all for shows and books that showcase smart kids doing awesome things. I loved Nancy Drew when I was a kid, and am reading From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler to my kiddos this fall.   Smart is cool. STEAM … [Read More...]

Raising Creative Kids Simple Prompts to Spark Imagination

Raising Creative Kids | Simple Prompts to Spark Imagination

The pretend play of childhood is often just considered valueless fun. The truth is, though, the ability to turn an ordinary bedroom into a princess’s private quarters or a soldier’s bunker takes critical thinking, problem solving, coordination, cooperation, and a great deal of flexibility in … [Read More...]