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Geeky Gifts for Geeky Kids


Do your kids have definite opinions on the merits of one Doctor over the other? Think that Harry Potter, Luke, and Percy Jackson should all join forces and save the world from all evil for all time? Have trouble deciding what they’d rather do – take a part the old computer tower in the attic, […]

Finding Community: Building a Support System Online and In-Person

Finding Community Building a Parenting Support System Online and In-Person

Homeschoolers – especially those that have been doing this awhile – laugh at the question that is most often brought up by concerned family and friends. The socialization question really is quite amusing, as kids have opportunities to be social in so many ways. There are classes, co-ops, park days, grocery shopping, conversations with the […]

The Imperfect Homeschool

The Imperfect Homeschool via www.RaisingLifelongLearners.com

Do you do what I do? Lament about your imperfect homeschool, while comparing yourself to others you know? Their homeschool looks perfect. Their kids are getting work done before leaving for co-op, while you’re running around crazily loading up backpacks, throwing cheese cubes and pretzels into plastic baggies and calling it lunch, while barking at […]

Paint Your Own Wrapping Paper

Paint Your Own Wrapping Paper

During the holidays, I try get to my kids involved in as much of the preparation as possible. Holidays – an the preparation for them – are the memory builders of childhood. One way I include them is by encouraging them to make gifts, cards, and wrapping paper for our friends and family. Over the […]

Mom Hack: Keeping Tabs on Your Kids

Keeping Tabs Using a Baby Monitor for Older Kids

Let’s face it. There are lots of times you’d like to be a fly on the wall when your kids have friends over, or when they’re in another room playing with their brothers and sisters. I know that I want to hear what’s really going on downstairs in the playroom while I’m upstairs trying to […]

Teaching Kids to Help Others

Teaching Kids to Help Others via www.RaisingLifelongLearners

This is a guest post by my friend Angela from Homeschool Innovation. Children are natural born helpers. From the time they are very small they are watching everything we do, and they want to be like us. Think of your baby in the high chair learning to eat on her own. Once she gets the hang of […]

Should I Test My Gifted Child?

Testing Gifted Children

To label or not to label… that is an important question to ask as you journey through the world of parenting gifted kids. Children who can be intense, difficult to manage, asynchronous, and amazingly spectacular… often at the same time. Is testing gifted children important? Maybe.     The issue of testing {and labels} is […]

What To Do About Bedwetting

What To Do About Bedwetting - Tips for Parents

According to the National Institutes of Health, over 5 million children ages 5-12 struggle with bedwetting, mine included. When I was asked to try the new GoodNites® machine-washable underwear with disposable absorbent inserts, and share about them, I jumped at the chance because, while I’ve been compensated for my time, this is a real problem […]

Strategies for Teaching Gifted Children at Home

Strategies for Teaching Gifted Kids at Home

Gifted kids are a puzzle because each child is so totally different from one another. Yes, they share similar characteristics and defining qualities, but they are interested, passionately, in different things, and fuel those interests in incredibly varied ways. There are many strategies for teaching gifted children at home. So, if you’re homeschooling your gifted or […]

Learning About Composting Worms

Learning About Composting Worms

We’ve been interested in ecology and simple things we can do to make the world better for a long time. And with Logan’s love of all things creepy-crawly, it was easy to pull together a worm study, while doing a good thing for our yard. I try to instill a value of God’s creation in my kids. […]

Simple Fall Family Celebrations

Simple Family Celebrations

Creating simple fall family celebrations with your kids can build a strong sense of unity and create lifelong relationships between siblings. They share something with each other that nobody else does. They have memories of family celebrations with one another that are unique to them. These family celebrations can center around milestones, holidays, seasons, the […]

Embracing Rabbit Trails in Your Homeschool

Embracing Rabbit Trails in Your Homeschool

I was talking to a new friend about rabbit trails while we waited for our children to finish up a homeschool class at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History recently. It was a lively discussion, and I was glad that I wasn’t the only one that struggled to keep everyone on-topic. What are rabbit trails? Well, […]

Socialization and Your Gifted or Intense Child

Socialization and Your Gifted or Intense Child Horizontal

If you’ve been homeschooling for any length of time, you’ve likely been asked about your kids’ socialization. And, if you’re beyond your first year of homeschooling your kids, you likely find the question laughable. Not only is there rarely a problem getting your kids to talk to people, you often have to say no to […]

Moms, We’re in This Race Together…

Moms - we're all in this together via www.raisinglifelonglearners.com

My friend Mary from Homegrown Learners wrote on her page about a comment made to her. That her blog readers may have the perception that all is perfect… and she assured us that her life {like all of ours} is not perfect. Her community {and if you’re not a follower – you’re missing out on […]